When a car air conditioner breaks down at the end of the season, it’s easy to forget all about it. After all, it isn’t long until the snow is falling and all attention goes to the heater. In areas like Colorado, this tendency is even stronger. After a few months of cold, it can seem like the summer will never come again.

One day, the snow will stop falling and the grey skies of winter will give way to hot sun and bright light. That’s when people who put off getting Longmont air conditioning service find that the arrival of summer is accompanied by sweaty rides in furnace-like cars. Instead of waiting until this happens, car owners are urged to get service now. What makes it better to get the A/C working in the late winter or early spring instead of when the sun is blasting down?


Rides will be more comfortable when the air conditioner is ready to meet the renewed challenge of hot months. There’ll be no need to wait for service behind all of the other people who also waited for summer. Having comfort will be a simple matter of flicking the switch.

Less Waiting

People tend to take action in waves, and this causes service centers to get backed up at predictable times. During the first hot week, there will be a rush for air conditioning service. What ends up happening is that most of the people have to wait a long time for an appointment and then wait longer for the work to actually be completed. Beat the rush by going in while it’s still chilly out.

Potential Price Breaks

Sometimes, auto mechanics will run specials on certain types of service in an attempt to spread out the usual rush on that type of work. Now’s the time to look for deals on air conditioning service. At the same time, look for breaks on other heat-related services such as radiator flushing and hose checks. All of these things are good targets for auto shop deals because the demand for them tends to rise at the same time.

As this shows, there are many reasons to take a car in for air conditioning repair before the weather is actually hot. Service will be faster, there’ll be no hot period to endure, and best of all, there might even be a discount in force for getting the work done early.