There are plenty of guides giving information about how to get a car ready for winter. However, there is less information available about what to do to get an automobile ready for spring.

Winter can be brutal on a vehicle. The cold temperatures make it difficult to start the engine and the road hazards under bad weather conditions make it difficult to drive. When spring finally arrives and the cold weather is over, it is time to do some maintenance to reduce potential damage from the effects of going through winter. The easiest way is to take the vehicle to a qualified auto repair in Longmont for a spring tune-up.

Have the service person at a good auto repair in Longmont, CO perform the following:

Oil and Filter Change
In cold temperatures, oil moves through the engine block in a more sluggish way. This causes extra friction and the possibility of more gunk in the oil. Because of this, spring is a good time for an oil change and a new oil filter as well.

Replace Spark Plugs
The chances of having to crank the engine extra times in order to start it during winter and the effect of the cold temperature on the fuel/air mix, are likely to have fouled the spark plugs. Worn out spark plugs reduce fuel efficiency, so it is better to change them in spring.

Check Tire Pressure
Air expands in warmer temperatures creating more pressure in the tires during spring than winter. Over-inflated tires are another source of fuel mileage inefficiency.

Change Wiper Blades
Wiper blades get much use during the winter months, so spring is a great time of year to install a new set.

Check Fluid Levels
A good mechanic checks this automatically. Nevertheless, most people do not use windshield-washing fluid during the winter when the weather gets below freezing. Spring is time to make sure that fluid reservoir is full.

Check Hoses
Cold weather affects hoses. They may leak. They might become brittle, weak, or lose the flexibility necessary to make good connections. Change bad hoses and buy a spare set to keep in the trunk if possible.

Check Belts
A common occurrence is that belts become looser in spring when the weather warms up. Belts may need tightening or replacement.

Car Wash
Spring is a perfect time for a complete car wash and new wax job. Be sure to wash the undercarriage of the vehicle, so it is free of dirt, grime, and especially the remnants of road salt. Salt left in place is corrosive. Wash or steam clean the engine also if it is safe to do so for the vehicle type. Immediately treat any rusted areas and/or rusted parts discovered after washing the vehicle.

By making an annual event out of spring maintenance for vehicles, they will last longer and stay in better condition year round.