Steve’s Automotive Repair Services

Steve’s Automotive in Longmont, CO looks forward to meeting you to help you keep your car maintained and running smoothly for years to come. Thanks for visiting our automotive maintenance page where we’ve created a collection of maintenance tips for you.


Steve’s Automotive offers many ways to keep your car running smoothly; from repairs to scheduled maintenance. Ask about our warranties!! Change Oil Psst….Wanna know the secret to long engine life? Change the oil every 3,000 miles AND use a good additive. Why an oil additive? You don’t really think all your engine needs is oil, do you? If you didn’t use fuel to run your engine, oil would be enough. However because fuel gets into the crankcase you need more than good oil. We recommend MOA to keep the inside of your engine clean. It’s like vitamins for your oil. Mention this and get a $1.00 off your next MOA purchase from us. Preventive Maintenance Tip! If you have the oil changed and it doesn’t look like new oil, it’s time to have the engine oil system flushed. This will help remove the sludge and slime that built up because you didn’t use MOA.

If your engine has worn down, we can replace it with quality rebuilt or new parts. Why buy a new engine when we can rebuild yours?

Tires & Alignment

Come visit us here in Longmont; we’re Boulder County’s Alignment Experts. With 4 alignment systems in place, we can align just about anything with wheels. Motor Homes, big trucks, 4×4 trucks or just a car, we have ’em covered Preventive Maintenance Tip! While most people think wheel alignment is merely for tire wear, a proper alignment makes your vehicle handle and brake better. In today’s vehicles handling & braking more important than power. Watch the car commercials, it’s all about handling and braking.

Routine Manufacturers’ Maintenance

Cars need special service within a specific timeframe to extend their lives, but the dealership is not the only place to have this work performed. We replace timing belts, cam belts, crankcase filters and adjust valves as well as anyone! In fact, we may be more convenient for you as we service all types of foreign and domestic cars.

Your car or truck will last longer when regular maintenance is performed. We do oil changes, transmission service, radiator flush, belt replacement and tire rotation AND we ‘ll even send you a post card to inform you when to bring your car in for your next service check.

Air Conditioning

Why sweat in a hot vehicle? We can repair your AC system or convert your AC system to environment friendlier R-134. Preventive Maintenance Tip! Be sure to run your AC during the Winter to keep the seals soft and the oil circulating.


Transmissions are amazing pieces of equipment, yet they are ignored until trouble arises. Don’t just have the pan dropped and the filter replaced. That leaves dirty trams fluid in the lines and convertor. We flush the complete system including the lines and the torque Preventive Maintenance Tip! Check your owner’s manual for recommend service intervals. Some recommend fluid exchange as often as 12,000 miles.


Does it make sense to take your vehicle to a shop that uses kids or part timers to fix your brakes? Our techs are more than just “parts changers”. Our Longmont, CO brake expierts can tell you why you are having brake problems. Preventive Maintenance Tip! Brake fluid is hydroscopic. Moisture in your brake system will reduce its efficiency. Have your brake fluid flushed yearly to maintain the braking power you need for emergencies.


Electrical System

We carry NAPA batteries to give you peace of mind no matter where you travel in the US. Preventive Maintenance Tip! If you see your battery is growing hair, it hasn’t reached puberty! Bring it to us for Maintenance before it leaves with an expensive tow bill.