Hunter Alignment System
What does the HawkEye Elite® Alignment Systems

• Exclusive QuickComp® Compensate all wheels and capture initial measurements in one motion.
• Patented High-resolution cameras®! Four high-resolution cameras provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy.
• New Faster Caster® Saves time, increases speed and reduces battery drain from brake light draw.
• A new Patented adaptor design! Faster setups, No metal-to-metal contact on your wheels, No knob twisting, New target design! Lighter design! Narrower profile! Which means faster more accurate readings
• Head Designs offers ✔ Spring-loaded arms grip the tire ✔ Thumb switch secures the clamp ✔ Off-center clamping has no effect on accuracy ✔ Grips tire, not rim ✔ No metal-to-metal contact ✔ Only protective ring contacts rim. Which means there is no medal contract with your rims.

What all this means for you the customer is:
o More accurate alignment.
o Faster Alignment
o Better drivability
o More life out of tires

• Proper wheel alignment extends tire life— inside edge; the outside edge; or unevenly all over the tread. Today’s tires are high tech and have prices to match. A pair of out of alignment front tires can wear out in just a few thousand miles and cost hundreds of dollars to replace

• Proper wheel alignment reduces suspension wear— Wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends, and other suspension parts all wear out over time. Improper wheel alignment speeds this wear, which compromises the ride, handling, and safety of your vehicle.

• Proper wheel alignment keeps you vehicle handling and operating properly to ensure you and your passenger’s safety.

• Proper wheel alignment increases fuel economy—the contact between your tires and the road causes friction, even when the car is traveling in a straight. The engine has to work to overcome this resistance; the harder it works, the more fuel it uses. Improperly aligned wheels and tires increase resistance costing you extra money in fuel every mile you drive.

How do vehicles lose their wheel alignment?

It doesn’t take much. Wheel alignment can be thrown out of alignment by:
Pot holes
Hitting the curb
Dirt or wash board roads

Colorado, or states like it where you can have such very hot and very cold weather takes a toll on the rubber composite’s on your vehicle. Damages and brakes down parts over time

Curvy Mountain roads diving adds extra stress to suspension
Bumping into concrete parking stalls
Fair wear and tear ageing rubber components start cracking or lose their elasticity and ball and socket joints develop looseness. Age Weather and normal ware and tare cause enough worse over time to change your vehicle alignment.