Longmont Auto Repair – 6 Reasons to Visit Steve’s Automotive

When you’re looking for a top auto repair shop in Longmont, there are certain criteria that set the best repair centers apart. You’ll definitely want to find a shop that takes care of all the little details. Our trained technicians know every inch of hundreds of models of cars; domestic and imports, so it’s unlikely you’ll bring your car in to us and we won’t know how to fix it. On the contrary, you can bring in any type of car for us to maintain and repair, so it stays in peak condition. Let’s take a look at 6 reasons to bring your car in to Steve’s Automotive:

1) We Work on Classic Cars

Now we know one of the fun parts of owning a classic car is working on it, but sometimes you run up against a brick wall – you just don’t know how to fix something. That’s what we’re here for: Bring us your ’57 Chevy, your classic Mustang, or your Model T. It doesn’t matter what era your car is from – Steve’s Automotive can get under the hood and get it running the way it should.

2) It’s the Little Things

When people think of auto repairs what often comes to mind are repairs to collision damage, or fixing a car that has broken parts like a bad carburetor, troublesome radiator, or even a complete engine overhaul. Steve’s Automotive can handle all of these problems, but we also provide the attention to detail you need for all the little things, too. For example, when was the last time you checked your wiper blades? Having these in good working order can be critical during a rainstorm or anytime your windshield is obstructed with moisture. Bring your car in and let us update your wipers and windshield washing fluid. We’ll ensure you will always be able to see perfectly on your trips around town and out on the open road.

3) Big Weekend? How Did Your Car Do?

Maybe you took your SUV, car or truck off-road or put on a lot of miles over the weekend. How did your car make it through – does everything seem okay, or does something seem amiss? Bring it in to us. Steve’s Automotive can get to the root of the problem fast so you’ll be ready for next weekend’s adventures.

4) Our Coupons Make Auto Repairs Affordable

We understand that everyone has to watch their pennies these days. That’s why we offer valuable coupons on our website that make auto repairs really affordable. So don’t put off getting that rattle checked out, or your oil changed, or other maintenance work that can keep your car always ready when you are. We offer coupons for alignments, labor, check and flush of your cooling system and so much more. Get yours today!

5) Free Inspections and Full Written Estimates Before Work Begins

When you bring your car in for auto repairs to our Longmont shop, you can rest easy because you won’t suffer from unexpected charges. We inspect your car for free and write a complete estimate, so you’ll know what to expect before work begins. That can be a big load off your mind when you’re watching your budget.

6) Probably the Most Important Reason to Come See Us

Our experienced auto repair technicians are so good, that most vehicles are in and out on the same day from our Longmont shop. That’s a relief when you need your car back in a hurry! So don’t wait – bring your new or old car or truck in for a check by the technicians at Steve’s Automotive. You’ll discover why our workmanship and customer service are simply the best in Longmont.