New Tires, Repair and Service


The importance of tires on a car is fairly obvious but shouldn’t be understated. The slightest shift in weight, alignment, or balance can drastically change how your car performs overall, particularly when it comes to handling and braking.

At Steve’s Automotive, we understand automobiles and have been servicing tires for the Longmont area for over a decade. We can look at wear patterns and let you know of any abnormalities and what they may mean for the rest of your vehicle.

New Tires

When you drive out of a shop with brand new tires you can feel the difference instantly. The tires grip the road well and they brake much faster than worn, smooth tires do.

When you’re looking at tires one of the most important things to observe is the tread pattern. Tread patterns say a lot about how your vehicle will handle and what conditions your new tires can take. You’ll notice that tires for rain, snow, and dry weather all have vastly different tread patterns. We can help you select the perfect tires for driving around Longmont, whatever the weather.

We have a huge selection of tires from top manufacturers. Our selection includes Bridgestone, Firestone, and Fuzion.


Front-end alignment is our absolute specialty. We have four different alignment systems in place to accommodate all types of vehicles. In addition to being a full-service stop for cars, SUVs, and light trucks we can do alignments on RVs and large trucks as well.

If your vehicle is handling poorly or pulling to one side then it’s likely that your alignment is part of the problem. In addition to reducing problematic steering a good alignment will keep your tires from wearing out unevenly and prematurely.

Balance and Rotation

Sometimes, all your vehicle needs is a quick and easy balance and rotation. These are some of the simplest pieces of preventative maintenance you can do for your tires.

The purpose behind rotating your tires is that they wear differently depending on their position on the vehicle. Some vehicles are more front-heavy which will cause the car to distribute weight differently on the front tires versus the back ones. Beyond the normal weight distribution of the car, the driving style can change how the wheels are worn as well. Think about your daily commute. How many right turns do you do on the way to work or the grocery store? Even an uneven pattern of turning can change how your tires wear.

Regular tire balancing is recommended because, without proper weight distribution inside the wheel and tire itself, your tire may have a tendency to wobble. This will cause more than an uncomfortable ride. It may even damage the suspension if not properly maintained.

Luckily, tire balancing is a very quick and simple process and one of the fundamental services that Steve’s Automotive provides.

Steve’s Automotive

At Steve’s Automotive we have been servicing imported and domestic cars, SUVs, and light trucks for over a decade with stellar customer service and expert, ASE Certified technicians, and a vast knowledge base. Our tire service for the people of Longmont is second to none.

Come visit Steve’s Automotive for all of your tire needs. We’re located just east of Highway 287 and one-half mile north of Ken Pratt Boulevard.